Tips to Maintain Drywall that Every Property Owner Must Know

Drywall is one of those materials that’s undeniably useful. Plus, it is both durable, highly affordable, and you can have it customized to match any decorating or visual aesthetic. Unsurprisingly, drywall is among the most popular material used by homeowners even today. However, just like any construction material, drywall still needs to be repaired and maintained occasionally to keep it functional and looking good. If you don’t have any idea how to effectively do this, we will be providing you crucial tips on how to deal with particular drywall issues that every new or even long-time property owners must do:

Regular repainting

While you can address small problems like small holes and stains, major problems such as large holes and large dents in drywall would be best left to the experts. Without professional skills, training, and experience, it could be tempting and easy to just apply another paint coating over a water stain. However, that is actually a no-no.

Large holes

Commonly, large drywalls can be fixed by removing the whole section that surrounds the hole first. As soon as the affected part has been excised, get ready to attach a new piece of drywall. Then, cover it using drywall tape a joint compound coat. After that, apply a layer of paint to match the repaired surface to the entire wall

Small holes

A lot of property owners tend to neglect small holes found on their drywalls without knowing that this will only cause further damage eventually. Small drywall holes are actually simple to fix. All you need to do is to attach a drywall maintenance plate on that specific hole and then use a coat of paint to conceal the plate.

Water damage

Water damage can be due to several reasons like a plumbing leak, excessive rainfall, and more. Before you address any indications of water damage, make sure to resolve the underlying damage caused in the first place. If repairs are needed, do it right away or fix any reason why that water damage took place. In terms of damages on light surfaces, you may sand the affected area, paint one layer of stain-resistant primer, and follow it by covering drywall compound.

Popped nails

Ceiling joists and wall studs utilized in drywall could pop out sometimes. If this occurs, you can entirely take out the popped-out nails and change them with new screws instead. After that, don’t forget to apply a drywall compound.

Drywall stains

You can wash off typical drywall stains by dusting it first with a duster or a vacuum cleaner. Next, take a damp cellulose sponge and use it to wipe down your walls. When your wall is stained, apply a mild soapy solution to wipe down the walls. When the drywall has mildew or mold, consult with an expert Spokane drywall contractor for help.

If you want help from the experts, you may consult and contact them right away for more information.