What are The Long-Term Consequences of DUI? 

Even after fulfilling your legal obligations and paying your fines with the help of the capable Fort Myers DUI lawyers, your DUI case can still adversely impact your opportunities in the future and will haunt your life for many years or even for a lifetime. Here are the following consequences of getting a DUI conviction that could last for the long term.  

Personal relationships 

After being arrested or convicted of DUI, you might be concerned about how your family members and friends will feel about you. Also, you might feel embarrassed and ashamed of what you’ve done. To begin with, your family members and friends may worry about your wellbeing and be extremely attentive to your behavior. There will also come a time when you’ll eventually get irritated or resentful when they try to discuss your drinking habits, pry into your personal life, or your DUI conviction even though you feel that everything’s under control.  

Professional relationships  

Even being arrested for DUI can still greatly impact the way you will be perceived by your employer and coworkers. Even when you attempt to keep it unknown, there’s a high chance that your DUI arrest can permanently stain your reputation and be set to disseminated in public by local media. You may even lose your job. Though this will still depend on the policy of your company when it comes to DUI convictions.  

Car insurance rates 

After being convicted of DUI, your car insurance rates will significantly increase since drivers who have become convicted of this case are recognized as “high-risk” drivers by auto insurance providers. Apart from that, your insurance rates may become doubled or tripled for at least many years. Even other insurance companies will terminate your car insurance coverage immediately.  

Background checks 

A lot of employers and companies do criminal background inspections before hiring job applicants. When a misdemeanor DUI conviction or misdemeanor is seen in your background check, it could prevent you from securing a job. Moreover, background checks may be triggered by admission processes, housing applications, and college financial aid applications. Usually, landlords will also do a background check on potential tenants and DUI convictions can lose the chances of obtaining the place you want to live in.  

Revocation of driver’s license 

If you’re convicted of DUI, there’s a high possibility that your driver’s license will be revoked for up to 2 years or more. This case can make it hard to obtain any work or may cause you to lose your job especially when your position needs you to drive. Apart from that, it’s also stressful to lose the freedom of driving your personal car. If you don’t have your driver’s license, then participating in social activities, enjoying family visits, and even running simple errands can be almost impossible and hard to do. Also, you may usually arrive late for work, you’ll become less attentive, and get frustrated as you ultimately arrive in your workplace. As a result, your job performance will definitely be compromised.